Lady GaGa (You and I) [20]

LiveJournal is a piece of shit. Someone tell me how to get rid of the links attached to the icons, I'll buy you chocolate cake. And why the fuck do the pictures automatically upload underneath eachother? This post took took up way too much of my time. I can't even cut it, what is this shit. My laptop doesn't deserve this abuse, LJ is the fuq. Sorry laptop. We're cool right

By the way, icon 1, I totally shat on by accident. I don't know how I managed to screw up the cropping and size, but I did. If you like it, then go ahead and just crop that shit. I don't even care. Draw a mustache on her, whatever. All I ask is that you let me see it so I can have something to keep me amused and entertained.


This video isn't long, but it took me a few hours to make. It was so much fun to go through Beatles videos and decide on clips though, I’ve gotta say. Feel free to make gifs out of it and just do whatever you want. I don’t need to be credited or anything. I just want you all to enjoy it in any way you can.